Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Germination Notes

The small seeds of Wanilla Spyridum are only about the size of sand grains and are difficult to see properly without a hand lens or microscope. The small yellow brown seeds can be germinated if the physical barrier of the thin seed coat is disrupted. This can be achieved by lightly scarifying the seed coat with sandpaper or by treating the seeds with hot water


Soil and propagation Notes

The pre-treated seeds are best sprinkled on a seedling tray with a premium potting mix or native potting mix and then lightly covered and pressed in firmly. Seed germination should commence within 20 to 30 days and most seeds should have germinated after 60 to 70 days in spring conditions.


Micro-climate conditions

The Wanilla Spyridium is an erect shrub to 1m tall and has terminal clusters of creamy white flowers. The white petal-like leaves are actually ‘floral leaves’ and the flowers are actually tiny yellow structures within the woolly compound heads. This shrub is endemic to Eyre Peninsula and grows on laterite (ironstone) soils in in heath and sugar gum (Eucalyptus cladocalyx) woodland in the Wanilla area.