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Science Club SEEDS Project Blog Post 1…


I’m Zach, the Vice President of the Christian Brothers College Science Club. We, and 13 other schools, were elected in 2014 to be a part of the project known as the SEEDS project (Stewardship of Endemic Endangered Species).


On Thursday the 1st of December, the president, Archer Lowman laid the sign in front of the CBC Brothers House. We then all planted several seeds of the Tall Daisy and the Bher Swainson Pea, two of the many endangered plant species in South Australia.

My trip to the Botanic Garden

Yesterday we went to the Botanical Gardens with Mr. A & Ms. Lemos and learnt about seeds and how to save them from extinction. We also planted the seeds in a pot, so we could take them back to our garden at school and care for them. I learnt so much from this excursion and I had so much fun getting dirty, and knowing I was saving a species from fading away! My favourite part was looking at the seeds through a microscope and nicking a piece off so that the seed could reach water and start to grow. Our garden at CBC needs alot of work but I'm excited to help it on it's way! If you haven't been to the Botanic Garden should GO!

Patrick Bitar Yr9

Next stage

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Comments from students

Over the last 2 terms I have enjoyed looking after the plants and watching them grow bigger and bigger. I’m looking forward to seeing the plants become fully grown and being able to help the plants succeed and become a common native plant. With the plants I’ve found interesting is that at the beginning the plants were growing slowly but now they can’t stop growing at a rapid rate.

Oliver Hoptroff

 MG 7587

In the last couple of weeks we have been helping to try to save an endangered plant species. We have been watering them every day making sure that they are getting enough nutrition and sun light. Yesterday (24/09/2014) was a big day for the CBC community because the plants were getting too big for the small pots so we had to move them into a much larger pot so they can grow. The first stage was to get these small seeds into their own little pots and try to get them to start to grow. That stage is almost completed because they are now much bigger and able to move in to larger pots. Stage 2 is to get them growing even more and try to get them large enough to get seeds of them. Stage 3 will be we are able to bring them home and plant them at our house and try to get these plants back into the Adelaide suburbs. 

Adrian Niscioli

 MG 7613

Yesterday was a big day for the endangered plants. We have been watering them for the last couple of weeks now and they are now ready to be planted in bigger pots. After a few more weeks we will take them home and keep them growing. 

Sohan Pramod

 MG 7594


SEEDS 2016

seeds program

Seeds Update

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In the seeds project I help to water and look after the plants every morning with friends

I look forward to the plants growing bigger and me being able to take a plant to help the native daisy grow.

What I’ve done so far? I have kept all the plants safe and moist to keep them growing at a steady pace.

By Oliver Hoptroff