Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Early Years Trails 2017


Aboriginal Plant Use

Grass tree


Australian Aboriginal people have an intricate understanding of the Australian environment and a rich knowledge of plants developed over 50,000 years. Plants have been used for food, hunting, medicinal purposes, tools, ceremonies and in most other aspects of traditional life. This inquiry investigates these interrelationships by focusing on plants in the Adelaide Botanic Garden.








Rainforest Experience

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Students are led through a trail in Adelaide Botanic Garden (including both Botanic Park and the Bicentennial Conservatoy) highlighting the layers and biodiversity of a rainforest.  The trail allows for a diversity of learning styles and has a focus on science adaptations, geographical climates and the environmental importance of rainforests. 











Food Glorious Food

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Students are led through a trail at Adelaide Botanic Garden, investigating a range of living plants grown for food in Austalia and across the world, including the tropics.  Key ideas throughout the trail include the connection between people, food, culture and the plants that create them; the influence on Australian culture of migrants and their food; the cycle of plants grown for food and their climate and sustainability, water use and food security.